Friday, January 8, 2010

Kinda sorta half way there

Now I'm in Philadelphia and have about an hour and a half before my plane begins to board. The last flight from Seattle seemed longer than I was expecting. Fortunately I was so I tired that I slept off and on a majority of the flight. We didn't leave Salem until about 10:45 last night and arrived in Seattle at around 2:30. I work up at 5:15, and as usual it was a fiasco getting out of the hotel room and to the shuttle. I also forgot to lock my checked suitcase. It's not like there's anything in there really worth stealing, but with my luck... It was harder than anticipated saying goodbye to my parents, but I'm glad for my little stuffed Ty beanie baby that resembles my cat that they gave me. My seating arrangement was nice because there was no one in the seat between me aisle seat and the guy sitting next to the window seat. Along the way the flight attendant asked of there was a medical professional on the plane. I didn't know what was going on but I assumed if someone needed medical attention it was going to be someone old having a stroke or something. But it was weird because when we landed some medical guys boarded the plane and escorted off a girl who looked about my age. So I don't know.

Random thought but: I'm in Philadelphia and you'd think there'd be a bunch of cheesecake places in the airport, but I haven't seen any and I'm bummed. I'd be all over that, despite my refusal to eat a cheesesteak for dinner because of too many calories before sitting of my butt for 7 hours. Yeah I know it makes a lot of sense.

Not looking too forward to the next flight. Hopefully everyone, including all the little kids running free in the aisles, will pretty much fall alseep after a few hours. And then there's getting there and hauling 100 pounds of luggage (not even kidding) though CDG to the trainstation, onto, in, and off of the train and to wherever I'm living in Poitiers. I guess it just have to take it as a workout.


  1. How did the 100 pound haul go through CDG?

  2. it wasn't too tough on wheels. the escalators were definitely a challenge tho. and getting it onto the train ha