Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 12- 1/20

Today I had no classes so I went to the bank for my 11:00 appointment to set up some sort of renter's insurance. That took awhile. One thing I've learned is that I hate signing important papers when I don't know what I'm signing in English, let alone French. I've been doing what seems to be a lot of that sort of thing lately, which I feel like is something that should have already been taken care of by the Centre Oregon. It just makes me really uncomfortable. I checked my mailbox before I left and found that my pin had arrived so I took that with me and got my card while I was at the bank. Unfortunately everyone in France is 1) always stunned that my name is Mackenzie, because they always thought it was a last name, and 2) they think it's spelled Mackensie, so that's how it appears on my card. Awesome. After that I took the bus out to god knows where to the art school to possibly get into a sculpture class, and I got to the building(s) but had no idea where I needed to go, and every door I tried was locked. It was almost 1, the end of the time that I could talk to them, and just gave up and took the bus back to Roche d'Argent. I came back to my room and got a little cleaning urge so I washed my dishes and swept the floor. I wanted to go shopping with Caroline, but couldn't get ahold of her. I've been having real problems with my phone. It's a touch screen and right now it's been deciding when it wants to actually work and do anything when I touch the screen. It did at one point work, and I called Caroline but it went to voicemail. Before I left I dropped off the rest of my papers to the secretary I can barely understand. That went ok. At one point in the conversation I think he was trying to tell me that I needed to pay more than the 70 euros I was giving him (which is what he told me to come back with during our first encounter). He looked at his records and turns out he was just being retarded. Surprise surprise. Then I went to Leclerc myself. This place was kinda strange actually. It was a huge wal-mart type store, but it was also connected to a mini-mall, but it's all like the same store, I don't even know. There was so much stuff, it was overwhelming. I probably spent over 2 hours there. My biggest accomplishment there was buying an ethernet cord so I can have internet. The past 2 days I've been borrowing Caroline's. When I was checking out, I had picked up some apples, but the register lady said something about me having to go back and get the price. So I did and came back and told her it was 1 euro and some-odd cents. But she said what I needed to do was put the apples on a scale and then I guess it gives you a slip that you give the cashier. So i was just like, I'm sorry I'm new in France. Like they couldn't tell. I just told her to keep the apples since I was not going to run back a second time. I took the bus back home, and was excited to have internet. I went on facebook and saw that Emily, one of the american girls I went to Paris with, had a blog. So I went there and started reading. Turns out she posts a whole ton of crap about me behind my back. Like, really, really mean stuff. I could go off on a tangent right now, but need to keep this blog readable for certain people. I just told her that I couldn't believe how two faced she was, and that it was kinda sad because I had really liked her and thought she was a hilarious girl to be around. It wasn't long before the other girls started sending me apologies on facebook, because they were there too and Emily mentioned them talking about me too. Apparently Emily had told them all that I'd read the post. I'm not mad at them. I mean, I could have been incredibly annoying, ditzy, and blonde during the trip. But Emily was the last person I would expect to rant on me like she did. I did see that she took the stuff off her blog, but I haven't heard from her. And I honestly don't ever care to again.


  1. So sorry - don't know why people are mean for no reason. I mean being mean for some purpose is bad enough but what could she have gotten out of that? No one paid her - I assume - to talk bad about another person on-line.

  2. oh no, no one was being paid. it was just sort of a rant about me that i happened to find and read