Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 11- 1/19

Today I had to go to the Fac at around 11:30 because I needed Sylvie to sign and stamp a “caution” form which is basically a co-sign form. I took the bus back downtown to get 70 more euros that the secretary needs. I went back to Roche d’Argent to give the guy all the papers and the money, but the office was closed and didn’t reopen until 2, which is when I had class. So I left in time to go to my “Comprehension Orale” class, which was actually pretty good. We worked on identifying different accents of French within France and the world. That was difficult. It’s a small class. The class was 2 hours then I had about a 30 minute break so I went across the street to a cafeteria and got a sandwich. It was pretty dead, which is weird to me for it being a college campus cafeteria. It was really weird to me that they served beer there too. My second class “Les Visages de la France”, which is a French culture and society class, started at 4:30 and was 2 hours. We did an activity where for each letter of the alphabet, we had to try to come up with something that’s specifically French that wasn’t a person/place, for instance for B a lot of people put “baguette”. When the class let out I went home and started to thoroughly unpack. I feels so good to not live out of a suitcase anymore. Caroline came and visited me and let me borrow her internet cord again. We were going to go shopping today, but we’ll go tomorrow afternoon.

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