Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 2- 1/10

Slept in today which felt amazing, after a pretty good night’s sleep after taking some sleeping pills to really help my sleeping schedule adjust. I ended up missing breakfast. Yesterday I got so much information thrown at me, all I could remember about breakfast was that it had something to do with 10:00. I couldn’t remember if that meant it started or ended at 10:00. I figured that since it was the weekend that it would begin at 10:00, but it turns out it ended at 10:00. So I bought breakfast from the vending machine, which wasn’t too bad. I called my parents after I received a message saying they wanted me to call them then I fell back asleep for about an hour. I took a shower and right after one of the other American girls here knocked on my door saying that she and her sister were having lunch soon and that I could join them if I wanted, and I did. After that we took the bus downtown to a café with free internet access. This really helped me to see where I have to be tomorrow when I meet Sylvie to go to the university to take my test. I didn’t take my computer to the café because I learned that on Tuesday some manager or someone will be here to provide me with the username and password for wifi. I don’t really understand why the people at the front desk don’t have it, but I don’t want to ask. At the café I just used my phone to check facebook and send emails. It was dark on our way back to the bus stop and all the lights from Christmas were lit. That was really cool to see, and I’m sad that they will probably be taken down in a few days.

When we got back to the hostel I went across the street to see if I could get pizza for dinner but they only sold whole pizzas and the place next door only had desserts and no sandwiches at that time. Everything else was closed. On Sunday either stores aren’t open or those that are are only open until 6 or so in France. But the two American girls had leftover stuff from lunch and we ate dinner together in one of their rooms. I didn’t mind. I was just hungry. Then we started to watch a movie, but I realized it was getting late so I left and tried to get on a computer in the computer lab but as I said before, I have to wait until Tuesday to get the codes to use the internet. I bought dessert from the vending machine and went back to my room. Now I think I’ll go to bed soon because I need to get up rather early tomorrow for my test. I hope I do well.

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