Sunday, August 21, 2011

Updates for the last 2 days

It's been a little hard to update the blog daily since I've been doing so much stuff and it's all been going so quickly. Yesterday I kinda accidentally slept in til around 1:15, and I thought Stephane and Sebastien were still asleep so I took my time, but it turns out they were up before I was and were already outside having lunch when I finally emerged. So we had breakfast/lunch with their parents (consisting of an excellent quiche made with mushrooms that they picked in the Alps on their vacation) and freshly made apple juice from apples they picked in the Alps too. Then Stephane and I went to La Ciotat to the beach were we met his friends. It was absolutely gorgeous. After we swam we had a drink at a restaurant nearby (more specifically, we drank Pastis). Then we went back to Stephane's were we all showered and got ready to go out. Of course it didn't take the boys long to get ready, whereas it took me at least an hour and a half. We left Stephane's and drove to Marseille, had some dinner, and then we had several rounds of drinks at an outdoor cafe. Then we walked to The Shamrock, which is an Irish dance-bar on the old port in downtown Marseille. I had a Guinness on tap for the first time in a long time, because I refuse to drink it that way in the US. I also had several glasses of rosé and we danced a ton. I always wanted to sing along to the music because a majority of what they played was America music but the boys kept telling me to be quiet hahaa. But they thought it was funny. Then we went down the street to the Trolleybus, which I actually really liked. Unfortunately Stephane wasn't feeling well around this time and didnt stay long with us in the Trolleybus and I was a little worried about him, and his friend Alex went to get his car so he could rest. I got tired too and probably headed back to the car around 5 or 5:30. We had a little bit of problems when we left because Stephan wanted to drive, and we wouldn't let him. So Stephane went home with Sebastien (because Seb met us in Marseille), and Alex drove me back to Stephane's in Stephane's car. I have to mention also that I was so sad because when I was walking back to the car to rest, I slipped and scuffed up the one of the sides of my brand-new stilettos. Hopefully I can have them fixed. We got back to Stephane's at around 7 am. In France you go out around 10 or 11, even midnight, and don't get home until as late as 8 am. The sun was definitely rising by the time we got back home. But that's completely normal. I wish Americans partied that way.

Then I crashed until around 2 pm. Today was a relaxation day. Around 4 or so, Stephane and I went to his friend's house to lounge in his pool and then we came back and Stephane got ready to go to a soccer game. While he was gone, Sebastien and I went to his friend's girlfriend's house, who also runs a pizza stand, and we hung out with her family, ate a lot of baguette, sausage, amazing dried tomatoes in olive oil, and had awesome pizza... and drank a lot of rosé and had a great conversation with the girlfriend's family and we watched the soccer game that Stephane was at. Unfortunately no one won and the score was 0-0. They asked me if it was hard for me to talk in French so much and I said no, because it's good for me. Seb and I got back around midnight.

I had to say goodbye to Stephane because he has to get up early for work and Sebastien will take me to the train station tomorrow and it's off to Limoges.

photos here

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