Monday, August 22, 2011

From Marseille to Limoges

Today I woke up in enough time to get ready to go to Limoges. Stephane had to work this morning so Sebastien took me to Marseille to see me off at the train station. Took the train from Marseille to Toulouse, which went pretty well. When I arrived in Toulouse, I was waiting to see which platform my train would arrive at, and this random guy walks by me and says "Do I know you?" and I was like umm no. I was kinda stumbling over my words, because I hate it when guys do this and it catches me off-guard. He wanted me number and I was I said I didn't have a mobile phone, and I said I was leaving Toulouse soon anyway. But I wanted to say "in your dreams"... these sleazy guys who always target me in France... it never fails. I don't even remember making eye contact with him. I think he finally got the message and walked away.

On the train to Limoges, I sat next to a lady who had her little girl who sat on her lap, and they kept moving between their assigned seat and open seats as people boarded the train. So naturally I was constantly having to get up to let them out and so on. Kinda annoying. Not to mention the trip seemed to take forever and it was burning up in the train. I was also starving, because I'd only eaten a sandwich I bought in Marseille and refused to buy another on the train because it's highway (railway?) robbery.

But it was great to finally arrive in Limoges. Melanie was there to pick me up and drove me to her place where I met her mom and the three of us had an excellent salad, wine, bread and cheese, and ice cream.

Tomorrow it sounds like we're just gonna chill and Melanie will show me around Limoges, since I've never been here before.

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