Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Europe

Today started quite nicely as both my parents and Luke and his family came to say goodbye to me. Although I went through security a little late on the other side of the airport and had to slightly rush to get to the side where my gate was located. Turns out I had to wait on the side because if you check in online, you have to have your documents verified by an agent at the airport. So I basically tried to avoid waiting in lines, just to end up waiting at the gate while everyone else boarded and the people at the gate desk took their time to verify my documents.

Arrived in Amsterdam after a pretty decent 10 hour flight. I made a new friend who sat next to me, and he was happy to have someone to talk to since he was flying for the first time and was a little nervous. The food on the flight wasn't bad either. When I arrived on Amsterdam I couldn't see any screens to know where the boarding gate for my next flight was. So I tried to use this kiosk which only printed me a piece of paper saying the service wasn't available and that I needed to find a service desk. None in sight. So I just walked until I finally found the screens. Then security for whatever reason thought it would be hilarious to scan my carry-on suitcase about 3 times and make me open it up and take stuff out for them to inspect it. I've never had this problem before, and they said it was just because I had things they normally don't see. But still, I absolutely hated watching them take my stuff out and put it in those disgusting bins that everyone put their stuff in to get through security.

Paris went pretty smoothly. But once again I had issues printing my boarding pass. And security was much better too. And I'm so thankful I landed and departing in the same terminal, because with only one hour and 15 minutes between flights, I was kinda stressing.

Arrived a little late in Marseille, and Sebastien was there to pick me up. We drove back to Peypin. We spent the afternoon hanging out by their pool. Stephane came home later in the evening and we had dinner of roasted goat and ratatouille, which was delicious, with their parents.

Tomorrow Sebastien and I are going to Arles for a photography exposition and I think Stephane will meet up with us when he is off work. And I think we'll spend the rest of the evening there as well.

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