Friday, August 19, 2011

Les Rencontres d'Arles Photographie

Today started rather comically. It was such a beautiful morning and Stephane has a magnificent view from his room, so I wanted to open the window and the shutters. But as I tried to open the shutters, I set off this crazy security alarm to the house, waking everyone up. It was embarrassing but hilarious. I had no idea or else I wouldn't even have touched it. But they told me it was completely fine. I joked in saying that it was an "American wake-up call". hahaha Then Sebastien and I had breakfast with his parents and we drove to Arles, taking a little detour to drive through Aix-en-Provence, a town I was in in 2006 and absolutely adore. We arrived in Arles and bought our tickets to the exposition and I think we may have visited about 10. The expositions were located all over downtown, so we did a lot of walking. We met up with Stephane after he finished work and saw another big exposition. When we finished, we had a beer, and then went looking for a place to have dinner. Seb told me had a place in mind, but I think they didn't have a place to sit outside, so we ate at a really good Italian place, but before we went to get another drink because there was an hour wait. That's when I had a conversation with a woman from New York and her husband (I forgot where he was from) because I heard them speaking English and they saw me having some difficulties with the mosquitoes that were biting me, and they offered me (first in French) some mosquito repellant. I told them I was from Oregon and the husband called his friend who lives in France because he was from Pendleton and we talked on the phone, because the man was so stoked that he ran into another Oregonian. Dinner was fantastic and I felt like it was really authentically Italian because the employees were Italian. I had tiramisu, which wasn't cake like in the US, but more like cream with cinnamon on top and a little bit of a cake part underneath. We drove back to Peypin. Tomorrow we plan on going to the beach, maybe meeting Milena at some point, coming back to Peypin to get ready, and then going to a night club either in Marseille or in Toulon... not sure yet.

photos here

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