Friday, February 5, 2010

Behold the new crêpe pan I bought for myself a few days ago!! This will make much better crêpes than a stupid frying pan. Much more "à la française". As you can see it's a lot flatter and has a much wider diameter. I totally didn't need it, but I don't see crêpe pans like this at home. And it's a pink-ish color. I just couldn't say no.

I also made a couple new French friends at school today. I met Sophie in german class. She came up to me and started to talk to me because she knew I was american and she speaks practically fluent english because her mom is from the UK. Then I met Thomas in my interpretation class. Somehow in class we got to talking about sports, and after class he asked me if I ever watched the superbowl. I said occasionally, and he invited me to watch it with him on sunday. The only bad thing about this is that it's on TV here from midnight to 4 in the morning. I have a 9 am class on monday. So when/if he texts me, I'll have to tell him I can't. Plus if it were only going to be us 2, I really wouldn't feel that comfortable. I have absolutely no intention of dating while I'm here. And I went to Monoprix after I got out of class so I could print my train tickets for my vacation. I'm super excited now. I guess I didn't explain the whole story yet. The funny thing is, I feel like I've hardly gone to school at all, and we get a vacation this month from the 12th to the 22nd. Just randomly... I don't know. School hasn't even been in session a month. So I'm taking advantage of it and going first to Toulouse to meet my friend Stéphane who will be there visiting his twin brother, then after a couple days, we'll go to Marseille where he lives. Then come friday night, Stéphane will take me to Toulon, where I'll stay with Miléna and her family for the weekend. They were my french homestay family during my first trip to France in 2006. I haven't seen them in 2.5 years. There's no way I could have stayed in Poitiers. It's a nice town and everything, but I need to get out.

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